Make a Child-Proof Nativity Set this Advent Season

Need a child proof Nativity set for this Advent season? I have a few ideas for you.

You could always play it safe and simple, by picking up a Fisher Price Nativity Set. These are cute and durable, but I prefer something a little more unique.

Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus and the Angel standing watch

Last Christmas, my very best friend made us a nativity set out of scrapbook paper and wood. I love this set, and it’s virtually indestructible – Baby Jesus took many a ride down our stairs last year, without a scratch.

This year, I want to make a set myself, not for display purposes, but for using in homeschooling activities. These Nativity Dolls are incredibly versatile. You could glue them to toilet paper rolls, as in the photo, to make them stand. I’m planning on laminating mine, then adding velcro in order to use them on a felt board. Another version could have magnets on the back, to use on a cookie sheet.This would be an excellent gift for families with small children.

For those of you that are more crafty, this Etsy hand sewn Nativity Set is adorable. Looking for Nativity crafts? Don’t forget to check out Oriental Trading Company for stickers, craft kits, costumes and more.

What sort of Nativity set will you be using in your home this year during Advent? Be sure and leave us a comment to get the conversation started.

When she’s not making a Nativity set for her family, Dianna writes at The Kennedy Adventures. Be sure and join her for Saints and Scripture Sundays each week!


  1. Love this post! I keep finding SO MANY cute nativity sets online that I’m thinking about running yet another nativity set post on Catholic Icing… but it will depend on how much time I have for laundry and present making today. Lol!

  2. Catholic Child also carries three “hands on” Nativity sets: a Chunky Wooden Nativity Set, a Soft Scupture fabric Nativy Set and an indestructible Nativity Set by Play Mobil with over 50 pieces!

  3. We have several nativity sets but our favourite is one we made about 15 years ago. We used a Jean Greenhowe pattern from a library book. All the figures are made from cornflake box cardboard and felt, with such embellishments as glued on braid and jewels. It is all very child friendly. The Etsy hand sewn set is very similar to our set.

    Our Three Wise Men move around the house all Advent, waiting for the kids to discover their new daily stopping place, on their journey to the stable at Epiphany. Even though it is just a cardboard and felt set, we all regard this nativity set as a family heirloom because we made it together and we have lots of wonderful memories associated with it. I have a photo of the Kings on my blog if you’d like to share it
    I have often looked longingly at beautiful, expensive nativity sets but I know even if we could afford to buy one, my children would prefer their cardboard set.

  4. I found these free downloadable gorgeous paper creches that are similar to the old victorian paper cards that pop out:

    I love the felt set! We are getting a playmobile set this year, but that has so many little pieces…I’m thinking maybe a baby-proof set would be better.

  5. Just realized that this was posted in 2010!
    I have just posted homemade nativities here:
    Anyone else reading this post?

  6. Wonderful ideas. Thanks for these. Bless you.


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