Managerial Motherhood

mom or manager?

When I first began to contemplate motherhood, my vision of the experience was painted in pastel colors: quiet, idyllic, involving lots of cuddling and sweetness. As long as I had only one child, it was exactly that. I’m not sure when that changed. But change it did, so slowly that I didn’t notice. And then one day, when we were getting ready to leave the house, while I was tying the toddler’s shoes and yelling at the preschooler to use {Read More}

Holiness in Motherhood

holiness in motherhood

Yesterday was just one of those days. One of those days when it seems like each task takes a little more patience and a whole lot of letting go of any and all expectations I had of accomplishing household chores and errands. I realized this as I was feeding my 6 month old, Grace, who has recently discovered that it is oh so fun to sputter and bubble and blow at the precise moment her daily pureed flavor reaches her {Read More}

Making Do: Lessons from a Squirrel’s Nest

Squirrel by Greencolander on Flickr

This is not my story. What I mean to say is that I’m writing it and making the connection, but the story is not originally mine. It is my mother’s. My mother is a foster mom for at-risk infants and a case coach for families using a short term custody program. She regularly visits local Chicago hospitals and social service sites. In the middle of last winter, she was driving to a meeting on the south side of Chicago. One {Read More}

10 Prayers to Teach Your Catholic Children

prayers to teach Catholic children

In our home, we started praying with our children when they were very small. Before bed, we started with the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. In a matter of months, the children knew all the prayers by heart, and were taking turns leading them. Rachel even surprised me by reciting the St Michael prayer one night, long before I knew she was even paying attention. Take the time to say these prayers with your children. As parents, {Read More}

5 Things You Can Do When Your Kids Leave the Faith

What to do when your child leaves the faith | Catholic Mothers Online

Every good Catholic mom’s number one goal is to raise her kids with a strong faith.  All we have taught them has been with the hope that they will come to know, love, and serve God with all their hearts. Most young people need to seek their own answers and reasons for things. It’s just part of growing up.  But even though we have guided them through their doubts and answered their questions sometimes our children still go astray. After {Read More}

Blanqi: The Must Have Pregnancy Body Styler

Sarah Blanqi

After my first pregnancy I got my pre-pregnancy body back within the first year.  I was pretty proud of myself.   I got pregnant with my second child less than a year and a half after I had my first child.  My body began to expand quickly and soon my belly was very large, very heavy, and hanging very low. After the birth of my second child, a 9 pound 8 ounce handsome beauty, I had a much harder time getting {Read More}

My Four Favorite Books for New Catholic Mothers

As I’m nearing the end of the wait for baby number three (at the time of writing, anyway), I’m working on becoming prepared and noticing how much things have changed since we were awaiting baby number one. For one thing, I started to become stronger in my faith.  I realized that if she were going to be strong in the faith, I had to be that example –and I wasn’t much of an example. Over the years I have found {Read More}

Why Your Child’s Birthday Should Be a Big Deal

why every child's birthday should be a big deal

In our house, birthdays are a big deal. It was the day God said, “Welcome to the world!” and we believe it’s a day worth celebrating. While I’ll readily agree that the definition of “big deal” varies widely, it doesn’t have to mean a loan from the bank and inviting your 50 closest friends. I learned that last part the hard way. For our first child’s first birthday, we invited 50 people to the house. I made the cakes, my {Read More}