Enriching Learning, Faith, and Family Time with a Small Camel

This post contains affiliate links. For the past several years, my children and I have centered much of our Advent activities around the alphabet and picture books.  As we have enjoyed our literature-rich Advents, I’ve come to know a number of seasonal storybooks that I was not aware of prior to beginning our Alphabet of Advent initiative two years ago.  One of them is Small Camel Follows the Star*, a delightful picture book that can act as the jumping off {Read More}

Advent: A Time To Serve

I think the hardest part about passing on the faith to the next generation is getting our kids to connect the faith with the minutiae of real life. You know what I’m talking about, right? You wrap up an eloquent, profound chat about “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and five minutes later, your saint-in-training turns around and wallops Brother with his light saber, just because he can. When I was in grade school, my {Read More}

5 Easy Ways to Work the Liturgical Year Into Your Busy Life

working the liturgical year into a busy schedule

  The Catholic liturgical year is full of feasts to celebrate. And Pinterest is full of ways to feel inferior about how you do (or do not) celebrate it.  Even though the liturgical year has already begun, I thought I would share this while you are setting goals for the upcoming year. I’ve come up with a 5 step way to introduce liturgical year feasts & celebrations into even the busiest seasons of life. 1. Christmas & Easter Evaluating your {Read More}

5 Ways to Schedule Faith into the New School Year

The school year is already upon some of us, and, for others, it is coming up quickly.  So, scheduling, shopping, organizing supplies and checking off sundry to-do’s may be at forefront of your mind. If so, might I suggest that you pause a minute. Before you continue to be swept away in the back-to-school hullabaloo, just pause. Get quiet. Pray. Ponder:  Are there any habits, rituals or practices that my family and I might develop this year to strengthen our {Read More}

10 Go-To Sites for Planning Saint Day Celebrations

What do you get when your cross a rich history of virtuous saints, a dedicated group creative Catholics and a widespread desire to learn and share online?   A near eternity’s worth of ideas for edifying and enjoyable Saint Day celebrations, if you ask me!   Each time I sit down to plan gluten-free Saint Teas and play dates for my family, I am amazed with the inspiration that I find online.  My go-to sites are many.  Ones that I {Read More}

Why Your Child’s Birthday Should Be a Big Deal

why every child's birthday should be a big deal

In our house, birthdays are a big deal. It was the day God said, “Welcome to the world!” and we believe it’s a day worth celebrating. While I’ll readily agree that the definition of “big deal” varies widely, it doesn’t have to mean a loan from the bank and inviting your 50 closest friends. I learned that last part the hard way. For our first child’s first birthday, we invited 50 people to the house. I made the cakes, my {Read More}

10 June Activities for Catholic Families {Free Printable}

June Catholic Family Activities

May is finishing up and June is quickly (very quickly!) approaching.  That means it’s time for another monthly family activities free printable, this time for June 2013. Printable Topic: A downloadable page of ten activities for your Catholic family to do together during June 2013 Note: This download is free for personal or classroom use. It cannot be sold, published, or hosted on other websites. If you want to pass along the printable though, please feel free to share a {Read More}

How to Start a Mary Garden in 7 Easy Steps

Mary Garden copy

I love gardening. And I have always wanted to have a Mary garden. It just hadn’t happened till now. What better way to celebrate May than with a Mary garden! Having a Mary garden is a very simply way to honor the Blessed Mother, it’s easy to do with children and can enhance our own devotion to Mary as well. It’s not difficult to do and pretty self explanatory. The most important part of the Mary garden are the flowers. {Read More}