Managerial Motherhood

mom or manager?

When I first began to contemplate motherhood, my vision of the experience was painted in pastel colors: quiet, idyllic, involving lots of cuddling and sweetness. As long as I had only one child, it was exactly that. I’m not sure when that changed. But change it did, so slowly that I didn’t notice. And then one day, when we were getting ready to leave the house, while I was tying the toddler’s shoes and yelling at the preschooler to use {Read More}

5 More Ways to Include Faith in Family Time

Since sharing 5 Ways to Schedule Faith into the New School Year, I have been reflecting further upon how my family intentionally integrates faith practices into our daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms.  I thought I would share what works for us in the hopes that our family’s practices might inspire yours, and that, perhaps, you would care to share back what works for your family. Daily, our family focuses on: Prayer Pegs, which are daily habits of prayer and faith {Read More}

Making Do: Lessons from a Squirrel’s Nest

Squirrel by Greencolander on Flickr

This is not my story. What I mean to say is that I’m writing it and making the connection, but the story is not originally mine. It is my mother’s. My mother is a foster mom for at-risk infants and a case coach for families using a short term custody program. She regularly visits local Chicago hospitals and social service sites. In the middle of last winter, she was driving to a meeting on the south side of Chicago. One {Read More}

10 Prayers to Teach Your Catholic Children

prayers to teach Catholic children

In our home, we started praying with our children when they were very small. Before bed, we started with the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. In a matter of months, the children knew all the prayers by heart, and were taking turns leading them. Rachel even surprised me by reciting the St Michael prayer one night, long before I knew she was even paying attention. Take the time to say these prayers with your children. As parents, {Read More}

5 Things You Can Do When Your Kids Leave the Faith

What to do when your child leaves the faith | Catholic Mothers Online

Every good Catholic mom’s number one goal is to raise her kids with a strong faith.  All we have taught them has been with the hope that they will come to know, love, and serve God with all their hearts. Most young people need to seek their own answers and reasons for things. It’s just part of growing up.  But even though we have guided them through their doubts and answered their questions sometimes our children still go astray. After {Read More}

5 Ways to Schedule Faith into the New School Year

The school year is already upon some of us, and, for others, it is coming up quickly.  So, scheduling, shopping, organizing supplies and checking off sundry to-do’s may be at forefront of your mind. If so, might I suggest that you pause a minute. Before you continue to be swept away in the back-to-school hullabaloo, just pause. Get quiet. Pray. Ponder:  Are there any habits, rituals or practices that my family and I might develop this year to strengthen our {Read More}

Prepping For Baby | Catholic Edition

Prepping for Baby | Catholic Edition

A quick note to email subscribers: You (hopefully) will receive this post twice today.  Once through Feedburner and once through our new delivery system for these emails, Mad Mimi.  If you don’t receive the Mad Mimi one, please check your spam folder.  After I know the new email has gone through successfully, I will turn off the old email service and you’ll go back to receiving each new post only once.  Thank you for your patience! Not an email subscriber {Read More}

Free Printable: 10 Activities for Catholic Families in July

July Catholic Family Activities

While almost a fourth of July has already passed, it’s not too late to go print out the 10 Activities for Catholic Families in July printable.  Normally, those are shared here, but from now on, you’ll find them at Many Little Blessings.