My Piece of Heaven


My husband told me during date night last night that the reason he wants to consult is only to make enough money to move to the Mediterranean with his trophy wife… Besides the fact that after 3 kids I consider myself pretty far-flung from a trophy wife (although I adore his playful compliment), there is something so enticing, simple and poetic about that dream. If only it could be true. And yet, there is something biblical about that dream. There {Read More}

Grief and Faith


My uncle, my Dad’s brother, passed away recently.  Although he had health problems in recent years, his death at the age of 55 was still unexpected. There is something completely inevitable about death – it will come – and yet it still feels so abrupt, so sudden, so jarring when it happens.  When I got the call on a Monday morning a surge of emotion coursed through me.  All day I felt highs and lows.  I had an overwhelming need for {Read More}

Teaching Goodbye

Fall 2007 066

The last few months have included a few big goodbyes in our life. We lost our beloved yellow kitty very unexpectedly in March. We woke up on a Saturday morning to a very sad and tender little kitty and we had to put him down on Sunday afternoon. The kids barely got to say goodbye to him. My sister and brother-in-law were in the process of adopting a beautiful baby girl when they baby’s mom decide she was going to {Read More}

Death Comes for Us All

Stations of the Cross; St. Andrew's, Roanoke

As we issue in the New Year, it is a time of renewal and fresh starts. Even as we enter early spring and the season of Lent, we know that the Easter season is soon to follow. Yet in the midst of it all, death still finds us. I am an English professor at a local college, a job that I love with a passion. My students are family to me. I laugh with them, joke with them, listen to {Read More}

The Eleventh Hour

Today’s guest post is by Tima from Living Water.  ——————————————————- Why is it that only when we are preparing to say “good-bye” we come to realize the true value of what we have? Last week I managed to organize our storage area and get rid of some items we no longer need or use.  A few days later something came to mind that I feel compelled to share. Among the pile of items we no longer use, we found an old favorite {Read More}