Catholic Gifts for Children Ages 0-5

Catholic gifts for children

Each year, I remember the baptism anniversaries of not only my children, but also those of my Godchildren. With 5 of them now, I have bought a LOT of Catholic gifts for little ones. Here are some of my favorites from birth to about age 5. Birth/Baptism Guardian Angel bear or stuffed lamb (can be found at Easter) St Joseph rattle books Personalized church bags (I like to order mine from VistaPrint) Saints cards rings. I add new cards for {Read More}

Holiness in Motherhood

holiness in motherhood

Yesterday was just one of those days. One of those days when it seems like each task takes a little more patience and a whole lot of letting go of any and all expectations I had of accomplishing household chores and errands. I realized this as I was feeding my 6 month old, Grace, who has recently discovered that it is oh so fun to sputter and bubble and blow at the precise moment her daily pureed flavor reaches her {Read More}

10 Prayers to Teach Your Catholic Children

prayers to teach Catholic children

In our home, we started praying with our children when they were very small. Before bed, we started with the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. In a matter of months, the children knew all the prayers by heart, and were taking turns leading them. Rachel even surprised me by reciting the St Michael prayer one night, long before I knew she was even paying attention. Take the time to say these prayers with your children. As parents, {Read More}

10 Books for Catholic Children and Families

books for Catholic children and families

The following post is from contributing author Dianna Kennedy, and contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support! Are you looking for books for Catholic children to help you teach your children our faith? On our bookshelves, you’ll find loads of Catholic children’s books – check out my favorites and add them to your home. 1. Little Acts of Grace We use these booklets as a starting point to our day. I take one section, read it out loud, and we {Read More}

Why Your Child’s Birthday Should Be a Big Deal

why every child's birthday should be a big deal

In our house, birthdays are a big deal. It was the day God said, “Welcome to the world!” and we believe it’s a day worth celebrating. While I’ll readily agree that the definition of “big deal” varies widely, it doesn’t have to mean a loan from the bank and inviting your 50 closest friends. I learned that last part the hard way. For our first child’s first birthday, we invited 50 people to the house. I made the cakes, my {Read More}

10 Bible Songs to Teach Your Children

Favorite Bible Songs to Teach Children

The following is a post from contributing writer Dianna Kennedy. (This post contains affiliate links) If you’re a mother, you’ll teach your children a song or two while they’re small. Children often learn by repetition – like singing the same songs over and over! It’s never too early to lead our little ones to Christ with music. Let’s make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Want to entertain your children while you teach them the faith? I have a long {Read More}

How Not To Lose Your Mind During Summer Break

Summer break is coming, and you know what that means: your house is about to be full of kids who are accustomed to structure, mental stimulation, and same-age playmates. If your kids are like mine, school breaks are a recipe for boredom and bickering. Oh, no, sorry, that’s just my kids. Right? Riiiiight. Well, just on the odd chance that someone out there doesn’t have angelic kids who cause no trouble and never get bored, let me propose a solution: {Read More}

Potty-training, Evangelization and the Spiritual Journey

Clara Lake 2012

My daughter is almost 3. With baby #3 on the way we were really hoping we could have her potty-trained soon. We’ve already done two kids in diapers and it can be a bit of a burden on the monthly budget no matter which way you look at it. Plus, 3-year-old diapers are gross. Problem number one, my daughter is SO stubborn (my husband likes to call it independent – wonder where she gets it?). There isn’t any enticing this {Read More}