An Exciting Announcement and A Huge Change

Catholic Printables Online

Note to email subscribers: I have some very important information about your email subscription, so please refer to that section of this post by scrolling down until you see “Email Subscription Change.”  Thanks! The Huge Change As we inched closer to being received into the Church at the Easter Vigil in 2007, I had something happen (which is really a longer story than we have room for here) that made me start searching for a blog roll for Catholic women. {Read More}

10 Catholic Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Catholic Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Pinterest is such as amazing place to find inspiration, discover things you would love to do, and wile away some time.  Another thing that I love about Pinterest are the amazing Catholic boards to follow and be inspired by. Here are Just a few Catholic Boards You Should be Following on Pinterest: 1. Catholic Pinterest 2. Catholic Kids 3. I Heart Catholicism 4. Catholic Garden Ideas 5. Quotes from Scriptures 6. Adventures in Faith 7. Catholic Awesomeness 8. Religious Ed {Read More}

Why Blog?


This little plaque sits on a pedestal near my computer desk where I see it when I sit down to write nearly every morning. Since I began blogging in January of 2011, I have been asked many times, “why blog?” Sometimes people seem shocked that anyone would want to do such a thing – as if it is a complete waste of my time – especially when I have so few followers. “What does it matter in the grand scheme {Read More}

Top Ten Linkups Relevant to Catholic Mothers

7 Quick Takes Friday

After blogging for almost 4 years, there are days when I simply can’t think of a thing to say. For that reason, I love to participate in link ups. You may also see them referred to as memes (pronounced like dream) or blog carnivals. They all follow a similar set up- some being hosted weekly, others are monthly and some revolve around a particular season. There is a host, who provides the theme or basic thought of the link up. {Read More}