Angie (founder, editor, writer)

Angie founder of The Homeschool Classroom

Angie writes at her own blog, Many Little Blessings, about faith, family, and a variety of household management topics. She is also the founder of The Homeschool Classroom and Catholic Mothers Online.  She and her family (husband and three children) converted to Catholicism in 2007.

Angie is a contributing writer at The Happy Housewife (in both Home Management and Homeschooling) and Life Your Way, and also works as the Online Project Manager at Catholic Icing.  She is also an artist (focusing on whimsical and inspirational mixed media paintings/prints and digital art) and a designer.

Angie is the author of several eBooks including Training Your Children in Home Economics, First Communion Preparation and Printables, Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places, and Homeschooling by the Numbers.

Angie is on Facebook for each of her blogs (Many Little Blessings, The Homeschool Classroom, Catholic Mothers Online, Just a Tiny Owl).

Angie can also be found on Pinterest (love, love, love Pinterest!), Twitter, and Google+ (okay, just barely there).

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