Blanqi: The Must Have Pregnancy Body Styler

Sarah Blanqi

After my first pregnancy I got my pre-pregnancy body back within the first year.  I was pretty proud of myself.   I got pregnant with my second child less than a year and a half after I had my first child.  My body began to expand quickly and soon my belly was very large, very heavy, and hanging very low. After the birth of my second child, a 9 pound 8 ounce handsome beauty, I had a much harder time getting {Read More}

Signs in My Home

Gentleness Pray Love

Growing up it was not uncommon to find inspirational quotes and notes throughout our home.  My Mom would post tips for good habits, good living, and faithful inspiration on bathroom mirrors, the refrigerator, on her desk, and throughout the house.  They were little reminders to all of us.  The quotes came from a variety of sources, anything from a motivational book to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  The options were endless. Now that I have my own home, I {Read More}

Brother Francis Film Review

Brother Francis DVD cover

My sister is my son’s godmother.  Although he is only four years old she tries to find little ways to encourage him in his Catholic faith.  Sometimes she sends him cards on his birthday or the feast day of his patron Saint.  She’ll include a message to him about God’s love for him and how much she loves him and is praying for him.  Other times she gives a faith-related gift.  As a mother it is wonderful and refreshing to see how {Read More}

The Heroic First Minute of the Day

alarm clock

Did you ever fathom how tired you’d be as a mother?  Yeah.  Me neither.  It’s like a tank that is never full.  It’s a tank that, even if you tried, will never be full.  During the baby and toddler years it seems someone is always up at night, and usually multiple times during the night.  Bad dreams.  Baby needs to be fed.  Sick kids.  Heck, even a toddler who is full of deep thoughts and just wants to chat a {Read More}

Grief and Faith


My uncle, my Dad’s brother, passed away recently.  Although he had health problems in recent years, his death at the age of 55 was still unexpected. There is something completely inevitable about death – it will come – and yet it still feels so abrupt, so sudden, so jarring when it happens.  When I got the call on a Monday morning a surge of emotion coursed through me.  All day I felt highs and lows.  I had an overwhelming need for {Read More}

My Dad the Talker


My Dad is a talker. To my knowledge, he has never met a stranger. He can make conversation with anyone. But it’s not superficial conversation. He has a knack for casually conversing with people as if they were old friends. When I was growing up my Dad would take us out to lunch after Mass on Sundays. He really felt that since my Mom spent the other six days of the week preparing fine meals for our family of seven {Read More}

Learning to Waste Time with the People I Love


As a mother of three, my days are super busy. Some days it’s enough to simply get the basics accomplished. Recently I was having more and more days where, at the end of the day, I felt like I had been around my children all day but I hadn’t truly spent quality time with them. I don’t want to look back and think, “Wow, my house sure was clean during those years; I got a lot accomplished.” I want to {Read More}

Learning to Surrender


I recently grabbed a copy of Fr. Larry Richards book Surrender! The Life Changing Power of Doing God’s Will.  One of my goals in this year is to focus on letting go of the things I cannot control in order to allow God to move more clearly in my life.  In general, I tend to get in His way and I thought I could use a little help in the surrender department. I haven’t finished the book yet because I’ve {Read More}