Enriching Learning, Faith, and Family Time with a Small Camel

This post contains affiliate links. For the past several years, my children and I have centered much of our Advent activities around the alphabet and picture books.  As we have enjoyed our literature-rich Advents, I’ve come to know a number of seasonal storybooks that I was not aware of prior to beginning our Alphabet of Advent initiative two years ago.  One of them is Small Camel Follows the Star*, a delightful picture book that can act as the jumping off {Read More}

5 More Ways to Include Faith in Family Time

Since sharing 5 Ways to Schedule Faith into the New School Year, I have been reflecting further upon how my family intentionally integrates faith practices into our daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms.  I thought I would share what works for us in the hopes that our family’s practices might inspire yours, and that, perhaps, you would care to share back what works for your family. Daily, our family focuses on: Prayer Pegs, which are daily habits of prayer and faith {Read More}

5 Ways to Schedule Faith into the New School Year

The school year is already upon some of us, and, for others, it is coming up quickly.  So, scheduling, shopping, organizing supplies and checking off sundry to-do’s may be at forefront of your mind. If so, might I suggest that you pause a minute. Before you continue to be swept away in the back-to-school hullabaloo, just pause. Get quiet. Pray. Ponder:  Are there any habits, rituals or practices that my family and I might develop this year to strengthen our {Read More}

10 Go-To Sites for Planning Saint Day Celebrations

What do you get when your cross a rich history of virtuous saints, a dedicated group creative Catholics and a widespread desire to learn and share online?   A near eternity’s worth of ideas for edifying and enjoyable Saint Day celebrations, if you ask me!   Each time I sit down to plan gluten-free Saint Teas and play dates for my family, I am amazed with the inspiration that I find online.  My go-to sites are many.  Ones that I {Read More}

No Guilt Chocolate Pudding

avocado pudding

February is Chocolate Lovers Month.  It is also time for celebrating St. Valentine’s feast day, which would seem ever so incomplete without chocolate, wouldn’t it? However, just because St. Valentine’s Day invites sweet indulgence does not mean that we have to abuse out bodies with unhealthy ingredients.  Really.  I am not kidding.  We can have our chocolate and our health, too. This St. Valentine’s Day (or anytime that you and your kiddos crave some chocolate), try enjoying some gluten-free, casein-free, {Read More}

14 Ideas for Hosting a St. Brigid’s Day Playdate

ideas for children on st. brigid's feast day

Despite the fact that I am of half-Irish descent, I never knew much about St. Brigid, one of the patron saints of Ireland, until I had my own children.  In fact, it was not until I ran into the picture book titled Brigid’s Cloak that I really took note of this child-friendly saint.  Since then, my children and I have enjoyed celebrating St. Brigid’s feast day together and, in honor of the Year of Faith, hope to invite friends to {Read More}

First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables E-Book: Everything You, Your Child (and Even Your Parish) Needs for a Meaningful Milestone

  My oldest is beginning his formal two year preparation for First Holy Communion this year, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review Angie Kauffman and Rob Jensen’s e-book, First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables.  It is a one-stop resource for preparing for, celebrating and, most importantly, enjoying the meaningful milestone of a child’s First Holy Communion. Authored by veteran First Holy Communion mother and writer, Angie Kauffman, and including 24 pages of original illustrations by artist {Read More}

Catholic Kids Construct: A How-To for Making Picture Books into Faith-Based Pre-Engineering Experiences

If your children are anything like mine, they love to create! And, why wouldn’t they? We are all made in the likeness of the most amazing Creator ever, and He gifts each of us with imagination and inventiveness. One way I like to put my own sense of creativity to work is in developing faith-based connections for otherwise secular learning experiences. Because my children love picture books and pre-engineering activities, I often find myself creating plans which connect Bible stories, {Read More}